We know of the existence of three sawmills at the beginning of Cumberland Township’s history. We will review their existence, purpose and location and then jump to the 1861 census to identify the large scale logging that was going on then.  Presenters: Gérard Boyer and Thomas McNeely.  7:00 p.m., Lori Nash room, Cumberland Branch of the the Ottawa Public Library. Please note the change in the original date from Mar 1 to Mar 7, 2018

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    Bill Woodruff

    06 11 2017

    I am looking for a photo that was posted on page 7 of the Sept 2003 issue of the Caboose, It is a school picture of a Cumberland class, I am guessing from maybe the late 30’s- early 40’s. Included in the group are 3 Deavy boys, now all deceased. They were cousins of mine and would like a copy of this photo for family history reasons. There is web link at the top of the page, but does not seem to be working any longer. Looking to see if there is any way to obtain a copy of this photo. Thank you

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      16 11 2017

      Will have a look and get back to you (Gérard Boyer, President)

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